Marshall is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and mixing engineer residing in Los Angeles, CA.  He is the primary vocalist and guitar player for the LA rock/shoegaze band Teenage Wrist, and produces electronic music under the name U DYE.  He was a co-writer, producer and instrumentalist for the LA pop band Shallows.  He has been a touring guitar player for the electro-pop duo 3OH!3 since 2011, and a touring bass player for Paris Jackson since 2023.  He graduated from Colorado University at Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Music in 2009, but has since spent most of his time unlearning most of the things he was taught.

In addition to his release catalog, he writes and produces music for sync with writer/producer AM under the name Las Palmas.  He has created cue libraries for MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and placed music on various other television series such as The Blacklist and Lucifer.  He has done custom commercial and digital ad pieces for Maybelline, NARS, Indeed.com, Nickelodeon, Skullcandy, Samsung, STOK and other brands.  

When he's not making music, he enjoys hiking, boxing, eating mostly vegetarian and watching every episode of Seinfeld and/or Frasier for the 500th time.

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